Berlin offers numerous possibilities for carrying out research in mathematics and economics. Below is a short list of links to selected departments and institutions.

  • Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics and Management Science.
    Launched in 2003, the Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics & Management Science, BDPEMS, is an initiative of internationally renowned researchers from all major economic research institutions in Berlin. Since 2011 the program is funded by the Einstein Stiftung Berlin.
  • Berlin Mathematical School.
    The Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) is a joint graduate school of the mathematics departments of the three major Berlin universities, TU Berlin, FU Berlin, and HU Berlin.
  • DFG Research Center MATHEON.
    The DFG Research Center MATHEON develops mathematics for key technologies and supports partners in industry, economy and science. We also cooperate with schools and the general public. Founded in 2002, Matheon is a joint initiative of the three Berlin universities (FU, HU and TU) and the mathematical research centers (WIAS and ZIB).
  • Humboldt-Universität; Department of Mathematics
    Learn more about our faculty, research areas and the courses offered at Humboldt-Universität.
  • SFB 649 Economic Risk
    Risk and uncertainty are central and omnipresent determinants of economic progress and individual welfare. Expanding and extending our understanding of economic risk is the central objective of the Collaborative Research Center 649, which was established by the German Research Foundation in 2004.